ANERA Direct Mail Appeal


Client: ANERA
Tools: InDesign, PhotoShop
Role: Writer, designer, marketer


ANERA is a humanitarian aid and development organization working in Palestine and Lebanon to help improve the lives of refugees and communities living under occupation.

As a communications officer at ANERA, I wrote and designed direct mail appeals to meet our fundraising goals. One challenge was to motivate our core donor base to increase their donation amounts. This “Choices” appeal was designed to give the appeal an interactive element and allow donors to choose where to direct their donation from three core areas.

Rather than a single reply card, we created three color-coded reply cards for each of the three funding areas. Each reply card used personalized suggested giving amounts—last contribution amount (LCA) , LCA x 1.5 and LCA x 2). If a donor mailed in all three cards with LCA selected, they’d be effectively tripling their donation.




Download the full appeal.


This direct mail campaign brought in over $100,000 and individual donor contributions were, on average, increased by nearly 25%.